We are an organization made by students, for students.

Guiding Values

Our organization and practices surround our values. We try to find and execute these ideas in problems we solve.


The needs of the student body come above all else. The projects that we develop are created to provide utility for current and future students.

Open Source

All of our project source code is made publically available. Students should see what powers the applications that help them and be able to address concerns.

Be Concise

Projects tackle the specific needs of our community. We are clear and transparent in our goals, and want to see these values in our members.

Our Mission

As software developers and designers, it is our mission to provide tools and services to the UIUC student body that will benefit the community; from course review dashboards to schedule makers and everything in between. Most university supported software for students is made by companies whose products appeal to school administrators, and focus more on profit than student utility. Unmotivated by income, we can effectively meet the needs of the student body and align our products with our values as students.

Our end goal is to make the college experience a little less stressful for everyone. By taking action, we are making UIUC student life a little better with each project, and who doesn't want that?

Our Team

Our mission and values are held and made possible by our team of student developers.