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Enterprise software bought by the school fails to meet the needs of Illinois' students by appealing to administrators with purchasing power. We, as an organization, can leverage our interests as students to build the best possible software solutions to problems in our community.

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Learning Emphasis

Throughout building products for students theres a lot we can learn from the problems we solve and one another.

High Quality

Maintaining high standards for documentation and engineering practices allows us to quickly piece together quality software.


By knowing our audience of students we can create usable, local solutions to problems within our community.


Working software is great, but the strongest products maintain value by keeping their users coming back.


We're a team of software developers and designers dedicated to improving the college expereince at UIUC. As a team, we believe in making educational resources that will make school less stressful for everyone. We firmly believe that Illinois Labs is a unique computer science organization, with a startup-like engineering workflow and a tenacious desire for growth for the sake of giving back to all current and future Illini.

If you're interested in joining Illinois Labs, check out some of our open positions! We're always looking for motivated developers and UI/UX designers.

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